For hairstylists and salon owners, the landscape is always changing. I’ve worked on every side of the business for almost 30 years, and revolutionized salons from the inside out. From the east to the west coast, I work with hairstylists and salon owners alike to take control of their business, grow their clientele, and achieve consistent growth.

However, throughout those years I came to a realization—each salon I worked at dealt with many of the same issues. While every hairstylist may cut hair differently, the struggles they all face are universal. Knowing this, and experiencing it first hand, I realized I needed to take my knowledge and share it with hairstylists and salon owners across the United States. While I was able to assist stylists in various salons as I traveled, I needed to share my experiences with the salon owners as well as the stylists. Many owners and stylists face a disconnect between the business and creative sides of the salon. I want to bridge that gap and work with them to not only grow their business, but create lasting relationships with their clients and one another.

Managing Clientele and Business Relationships
Managing Clientele and Business RelationshipsFor many stylists, retaining current clients and acquiring new ones is their only business model. They aren’t focused on any other part of the business outside of the customers in the chair. Instead, they should be expanding their efforts to improve business relationships with other salons and stylists for a stronger network.

It can be difficult to acquire new clients when you’re focused on keeping your current ones. While there are quick fixes to this problem, most stylists don’t realize that there are simple, incremental methods that will result in lasting client relationships and growth. I want to work alongside stylists to harness their current skills without putting unnecessary strain on themselves to perform beyond their abilities.

Communicating with Stylists

Communicating with Stylists

For salon owners, revenue and expenses are the entirety of their day. Their goals are centered around acquiring more customers and improving the money that stylists bring in. However, sometimes they can become too focused on this goal and end up distancing their stylists. I facilitate communication between salon owners and their stylists so that both parties can benefit. As stylist learn to increase their earnings, the salon owners need to not only support them, but be aware that pushing their stylists won’t work in the long run.

Additionally, I will share advances in the business with salon owners to develop new strategies for growing their revenue. By building strong relationships with their employees and clients, they can improve overall business and expectations.

Improving Business by Improving Yourself
Improving Business by Improving YourselfUltimately, my goal as a Salon Development Adviser is to show you how to improve your own life. Oftentimes we don’t realize that the limits we place on ourselves can affect how we run our business or interact with our clients. By pushing ourselves to improve and creating a better work environment, we can increase revenue and foster more relationships without sacrificing our time or health.

Our lives drastically affect how we perform in the workplace. Our attitudes even more so. Unless we improve on both of these things, we’ll never get to where we need to be in our business. I want to not only help you improve your skills in the salon, but how you approach your own challenges. To learn more, visit my services page, or get in contact through my contact form.